Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karaoke Night with My Crazy Family

01.12.2011 Two days from now, my sister will fly back to Italy and we need to treasure every moment with her while she's here in the Phils. 

So after work, I went straight to Mom and Dad's place [aka Tirahan nina Mang Eran at Aling Betty] **private joke among siblings** 

I was touched because my Kuya number 2 cooked halaan, marinated the chicken [to be grilled] and pa-cham veggies. Taking pictures of the said food is already in my mind but little did I know that instead of camera, spoon & fork are the ones my hands grabbed... :) My hungry tummy won... hehe! 

After lunch, my mom insisted on me taking a nap because I just came from work, meaning, no sleep yet... It's a good thing that honey needed to pay some bills before going to my mom's place.  He will not wait long for me to wake up.

After 4hrs, my niece came home from school and my kuya number 3 set-up the mic. VIDEOKE TIME :) 

But before we belt it out, we did a quick photo shoot... although my kuya number 1 and number 2 are missing, it's still worth it... 

My family love to have their pictures taken, play indoor games [like the one we had last new year's day... "Pinoy Henyo" wherein my niece won], food and videoke... :) 

Us, while singing "I will survive" 

**The following pictures were taken from the video we made... [well, I only press "print screen" and added borders...] I dunno if I can regain self respect if I upload the video..hehe!


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