Monday, January 10, 2011

Date Night: "The Tourist" + Wendy's + The White Hat = Happiness

It's been ages since we visited any SM Cinemas because we prefer to watch movies at home [hubby's addicted to downloading movies and keep it in his media player] or in WalterMart [because of the reclining seats.. and taters..hehe]. 

We had these 2 movie cards in our possession almost a year now [and about to expire] so we've decided to use it. Good thing, the movie "The Tourist" had their opening screening last Saturday 01.08.2011 and we watched at CenterStage 5:40 pm that day :) 

Side Note: SM now has "kiosk" wherein all you have to do is insert the movie cards and machine will give you tickets.. cool! 

We arrived in MOA at around 5pm and went straight to Wendy's to order food. Since we already checked the time online [you could visit SM's website to check the schedule of the movie you want to watch or buy tickets] we know that there's a 5:40pm screening. 

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At Wendy's, we ordered 2 Combo Meals, which includes Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Biggie Fries and Drinks [iced tea lahahahayyt]. 

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About the Movie: 
              "The Tourist" is a remake of the 2005 French thriller "Anthony Zimmer." The thriller concerns an
                  American tourist (Johnny Depp) who finds his life in danger when a female Interpol agent (Angelina 
                  Jolie) uses him as a dupe to flush out an elusive criminal with whom she once had an affair.
                  **excerpts from review

I've been reading a lot of bad movie reviews about this film. Although I agree that there's inconsistency in the movie plot [take for example the timeframe: Interpol's been trying to get hold of Alexander Pierce / Pearce for almost 3 years but the "crime" he committed, which is stealing almost 2B Dollars from a Mob?! happened just a year before, for which is the reason why they are hunting Alex P. in the first place] but I think it got slammed too much. If you will look on the entirety of the film, I'd say it was good enough [for me]. It was light, [not too much of a mind-boggling kind of movie as compared to Inception] and funny, in it's own way. I like the part wherein Elise Angelina Jolie, explains how you should love both the good and the bad, of the person dearest to you. And the twist at the end part of the movie :) 

After the movie, we went to "The White Hat" and used my coupon from my BDJ planner. If you buy one white yogurt, you get one free :) 

Obviously, the one with chocolate toppings' for hubby and mine's mangoes & strawberries :) 

We got home early that day so we've decided to watch 2 more movies that we missed watching in the cinema, namely: Sahara and Despicable Me :) 

Movie Addicts Signing off.

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