Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date Night 3.0: Shakey's

Hubby and I are pizza and movie lovers, that is why we came up with an idea of "date nights". Our version:  watching movies / tv series honey downloaded from Bittorent while eating our favorite and chosen pizza for the night. 

If you want to have a peek of what happened on the first 2 dates that we had, kindly check this: 1.0 Pizza Hut and this: 2.0 yellow cab. And for the third installment: 3.0 shakey's!! Woohoo! 

On the table: 
regular Angus Steakhouse Pizza (6 slices) 401php
buddy pack (5 pcs of chicken and mojos) 301php

I've been dying to eat at Shakey's ever since I tasted their angus steakhouse pizza (when someone from the office brought some).  Before, when we go to Shakey's, I only order their mojos because I had a terrible experience with their pizza when I was younger and swear never to go back there for a pizza craving. But it changed when angus was introduced :) 

While munching on those mouth-watering food, we watched 3 episodes of Lie to Me. This may sound porno-ish, but it's not :) It's an American series that premiered in Fox early 2009. It deals with helping solve crimes through applied psychology (interpreting microexpressions by using facial action coding system and of course, body language). It sounds complicated but believe me, it's not. You'll find it entertaining :) (or is it just the "Psychology Graduate" in me talking..haha!). 

As for the food, still have 3 parts of chicken left and we'll just eat it tomorrow morning before going to church. Toodles! 

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