Saturday, January 8, 2011

Afternoon Date in Wham! Burgers MOA

One afternoon, Hubby craved for burgers and we went to MOA to scout for a perfect burger station  that serves best burgers in town... *light bulb* remembered that he'd been wanting to try Wham! Burger for some time now and we've decided to give it a try :) 
 Our number
~ still can't get over the number 28 ~

We were seated where a big sign "WHAM" is located. The place looked clean and staff were friendly. When I checked their menu, I was surprised that it only consists of burgers, fries and spaghetti. I didn't know they take their burgers seriously so I've decided to skip my pasta  craving [since there's only one kind of spag on their menu, which is the wham! spaghetti, nothing much to choose from..hay] and I went for the premium chicken sandwich. I'm not a fan of burgers, I'm just here to humor my husband and "ride" his trip for that day :) [I"m a very supportive wife, you know?! *wink*] 
When our order arrived, I saw the BIG smile on my honey's face... :) hehe! And the burgers are bigger compared to the others we've tried. 
Premium Chicken Sandwich 115php

Double Whammy! 151php

Onion Rings 65php
**I'm a bit disappointed with the serving... konti :( 
**It looked like twister fries :) 

I was not able to finish mine so honey ate what was left of it. He said both tasted great and I agree :) so we will definitely go back here. We'll just gonna skip the onion rings and will try their french fries 55php or cross trax/twisters 60php instead. 

'Til our next food trip :) 

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