Friday, January 28, 2011

Latest Craze: GroupOn Deals and Discounted Vouchers

Hey you! Yes, you! Do you know who gives out the best deals in town? Restaurant vouchers, beauty and wellness coupons and more? 

Here are some of the Groupon (aka Group Coupon) sites that you can check:

Ensogo Phils [Let's Save Together]
cash cash pinoy [We Got a Deal]
BUYanihan [The Best for Less]
Local Roam [Explore your City]

What's in it for me? 

Groupons or Group Coupon deals have become the latest craze in town. I read about this in one of shie's blogs. I tried one last December and here's what I got: 
Dinner Buffet for just 1500php @ Sofitel Phil Plaza [original price: 4776php] 

What are you waiting for? Check them out! :) And Let's Save Together because they Got a Deal for us that will surely give us The Best for Less while Exploring the City

ADVICE: Always read the FINE PRINTS before clicking on BUY :) 

Disclaimer: Author is not  in any way related to the said sites. This post is merely for sharing and public awareness only. Toodles :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Buendia Makati Bus Blast 01-25-2011

When I came in to work last night, my inbox is flooded with numerous emails about the bus blast happened around 2pm near Buendia. Since most of us are either from the South or passing thru this route almost everyday, it came as a shock. It could have been me or a close friend, an office mate perhaps?

So, after my shift, I browsed thru all the articles available & here's the latest (as of 9:13AM):  
(reposting article for awareness purposes only: from 

Makati bus blast death toll rises to 5

Posted at 01/26/2011 9:05 AM | Updated as of 01/26/2011 9:13 AM

MANILA, Philippines - One more passenger of the bus that was hit by a bomb explosion along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Makati City has died, increasing the number of fatalities in the bloody incident to 5.
The 5th fatality was call center agent Irish Teniola, who was declared dead at the Makati Medical Center around 4 a.m. Wednesday.
Teniola died of shrapnel wound in the head and the back of her body.
The Makati City police identified the 4 other fatalities as FX taxi driver Salustiano Marino, 57; culinary arts student Johansson Reyes, 24; Shrily Khristel Andes Hausena and Junly Caduayog, 24, also a call center agent.
Two injured victims are still confined at the Makati Medical Center while another injured victim is being treated at the Ospital ng Makati.
The 9 victims brought to the St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City were undergoing stress debriefing.
Michael Jaralve, the injured conductor of the Newman Goldline bus that was hit by the explosion has been discharged from the hospital. He sustained wounds on both of his legs.
The Newman Goldline bus with plate number TXJ 710 was at the north-bound loading bay near the corner of EDSA and Gil Puyat (Buendia) Avenue when an improvised explosive device planted under one of its seat exploded at around 2 p.m.. -- Report from Francis Faulve, ABS-CBN News
Photo Credit: MMDA from ABS-CBN news website

TO ALL: Be very careful and always pray before you leave the house. For those who passed away (some, who happened to be of the same line of work as mine) may you rest in peace. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date Night 3.0: Shakey's

Hubby and I are pizza and movie lovers, that is why we came up with an idea of "date nights". Our version:  watching movies / tv series honey downloaded from Bittorent while eating our favorite and chosen pizza for the night. 

If you want to have a peek of what happened on the first 2 dates that we had, kindly check this: 1.0 Pizza Hut and this: 2.0 yellow cab. And for the third installment: 3.0 shakey's!! Woohoo! 

On the table: 
regular Angus Steakhouse Pizza (6 slices) 401php
buddy pack (5 pcs of chicken and mojos) 301php

I've been dying to eat at Shakey's ever since I tasted their angus steakhouse pizza (when someone from the office brought some).  Before, when we go to Shakey's, I only order their mojos because I had a terrible experience with their pizza when I was younger and swear never to go back there for a pizza craving. But it changed when angus was introduced :) 

While munching on those mouth-watering food, we watched 3 episodes of Lie to Me. This may sound porno-ish, but it's not :) It's an American series that premiered in Fox early 2009. It deals with helping solve crimes through applied psychology (interpreting microexpressions by using facial action coding system and of course, body language). It sounds complicated but believe me, it's not. You'll find it entertaining :) (or is it just the "Psychology Graduate" in me talking..haha!). 

As for the food, still have 3 parts of chicken left and we'll just eat it tomorrow morning before going to church. Toodles! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembering Lolo Ureng

Jan 30 1936 - Jan 4 2010. 

The start of 2010 was a bit sad for the Baquir clan because our beloved Lolo Ureng passed away at  73. It was just 26 days before his 74th birthday. Interment was Jan 11, 2010. 

This is the first time I set foot in Albay Bicol. Hubby and I have been planning to go to Bicol but we didn't expect that this would be the reason why we were there last year... Lolo lived with us for 3 months and I can still remember how he'd laughed at my silly jokes... Welcomed me when I come home every morning and how he did all those lakwatsa with a fellow elderly residing a few blocks from our place. 

Now, it's been a year since he passed away and I can still remember how we spent those days in Bicol to help with the preparation and the burial. 
Lola J on the day we first arrived in Bicol. Still see the smile on her lips but her eyes don't lie
I can still remember how quiet, tranquil, serene, rural it was. 
Honey and I need to do our chores while we're here :) 

we are also entitled for a quick break.. breathing fresh air.. hmm...
Still part of the clan :) 
Locals are there to cook food, that will be later served to people who will be coming at the burial... Bayanihan to the max! 
Lolo Ureng, you will always be loved and remembered...

Update: Laya Personal Dining Antipolo City

Few weeks ago, I visited the multiply site of Laya because hubby and I are planning to spend the weekend in Antipolo. Something came up [mostly passport problems, but I'll tell you that in another post] and we will just kiss our trip to HK & Macau this Feb goodbye!! Huhuhu! 

Going back: I fell in love with Laya [who wouldn't] and I can't help but feel bad because I saw this "goodbye letter" they posted on their website. 

So I texted Ms Irene, who is the owner of Laya [together with her husband, Chef Ricci] and confirm if this really is true, here's her reply: 

Hi Ms Donna! We're moving Laya to a different venue so we're closing for now. We're                              just going to take a short break and will update everyone once all plans are final, probably mid Jan or Feb 2011, we'll reopen Laya at a different venue already. We'll be updating both our FB page and Multiply sites for news! :) 

Woohoo!! Although there hasn't been any update yet, I felt reassured that they will reopen Laya.. soon :) Can't wait!! 

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karaoke Night with My Crazy Family

01.12.2011 Two days from now, my sister will fly back to Italy and we need to treasure every moment with her while she's here in the Phils. 

So after work, I went straight to Mom and Dad's place [aka Tirahan nina Mang Eran at Aling Betty] **private joke among siblings** 

I was touched because my Kuya number 2 cooked halaan, marinated the chicken [to be grilled] and pa-cham veggies. Taking pictures of the said food is already in my mind but little did I know that instead of camera, spoon & fork are the ones my hands grabbed... :) My hungry tummy won... hehe! 

After lunch, my mom insisted on me taking a nap because I just came from work, meaning, no sleep yet... It's a good thing that honey needed to pay some bills before going to my mom's place.  He will not wait long for me to wake up.

After 4hrs, my niece came home from school and my kuya number 3 set-up the mic. VIDEOKE TIME :) 

But before we belt it out, we did a quick photo shoot... although my kuya number 1 and number 2 are missing, it's still worth it... 

My family love to have their pictures taken, play indoor games [like the one we had last new year's day... "Pinoy Henyo" wherein my niece won], food and videoke... :) 

Us, while singing "I will survive" 

**The following pictures were taken from the video we made... [well, I only press "print screen" and added borders...] I dunno if I can regain self respect if I upload the video..hehe!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Date Night: "The Tourist" + Wendy's + The White Hat = Happiness

It's been ages since we visited any SM Cinemas because we prefer to watch movies at home [hubby's addicted to downloading movies and keep it in his media player] or in WalterMart [because of the reclining seats.. and taters..hehe]. 

We had these 2 movie cards in our possession almost a year now [and about to expire] so we've decided to use it. Good thing, the movie "The Tourist" had their opening screening last Saturday 01.08.2011 and we watched at CenterStage 5:40 pm that day :) 

Side Note: SM now has "kiosk" wherein all you have to do is insert the movie cards and machine will give you tickets.. cool! 

We arrived in MOA at around 5pm and went straight to Wendy's to order food. Since we already checked the time online [you could visit SM's website to check the schedule of the movie you want to watch or buy tickets] we know that there's a 5:40pm screening. 

Image Source: Google

At Wendy's, we ordered 2 Combo Meals, which includes Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Biggie Fries and Drinks [iced tea lahahahayyt]. 

Image Source: Google
About the Movie: 
              "The Tourist" is a remake of the 2005 French thriller "Anthony Zimmer." The thriller concerns an
                  American tourist (Johnny Depp) who finds his life in danger when a female Interpol agent (Angelina 
                  Jolie) uses him as a dupe to flush out an elusive criminal with whom she once had an affair.
                  **excerpts from review

I've been reading a lot of bad movie reviews about this film. Although I agree that there's inconsistency in the movie plot [take for example the timeframe: Interpol's been trying to get hold of Alexander Pierce / Pearce for almost 3 years but the "crime" he committed, which is stealing almost 2B Dollars from a Mob?! happened just a year before, for which is the reason why they are hunting Alex P. in the first place] but I think it got slammed too much. If you will look on the entirety of the film, I'd say it was good enough [for me]. It was light, [not too much of a mind-boggling kind of movie as compared to Inception] and funny, in it's own way. I like the part wherein Elise Angelina Jolie, explains how you should love both the good and the bad, of the person dearest to you. And the twist at the end part of the movie :) 

After the movie, we went to "The White Hat" and used my coupon from my BDJ planner. If you buy one white yogurt, you get one free :) 

Obviously, the one with chocolate toppings' for hubby and mine's mangoes & strawberries :) 

We got home early that day so we've decided to watch 2 more movies that we missed watching in the cinema, namely: Sahara and Despicable Me :) 

Movie Addicts Signing off.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Afternoon Date in Wham! Burgers MOA

One afternoon, Hubby craved for burgers and we went to MOA to scout for a perfect burger station  that serves best burgers in town... *light bulb* remembered that he'd been wanting to try Wham! Burger for some time now and we've decided to give it a try :) 
 Our number
~ still can't get over the number 28 ~

We were seated where a big sign "WHAM" is located. The place looked clean and staff were friendly. When I checked their menu, I was surprised that it only consists of burgers, fries and spaghetti. I didn't know they take their burgers seriously so I've decided to skip my pasta  craving [since there's only one kind of spag on their menu, which is the wham! spaghetti, nothing much to choose from..hay] and I went for the premium chicken sandwich. I'm not a fan of burgers, I'm just here to humor my husband and "ride" his trip for that day :) [I"m a very supportive wife, you know?! *wink*] 
When our order arrived, I saw the BIG smile on my honey's face... :) hehe! And the burgers are bigger compared to the others we've tried. 
Premium Chicken Sandwich 115php

Double Whammy! 151php

Onion Rings 65php
**I'm a bit disappointed with the serving... konti :( 
**It looked like twister fries :) 

I was not able to finish mine so honey ate what was left of it. He said both tasted great and I agree :) so we will definitely go back here. We'll just gonna skip the onion rings and will try their french fries 55php or cross trax/twisters 60php instead. 

'Til our next food trip :) 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcoming 2011 @ Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Hi All! Remember my previous blog about ensogo's promo last Dec 25? Yep, we purchased 2 vouchers and welcomed 2011 with glitz and glamour that only Sofitel Philippine Plaza can offer :) 
I guess you're wondering why not celebrate new year with our loved ones. Well, 2 things: first, I still have to work on Jan 1 at 7am. [What a bummer, right?] and second, car's still in Honda and we have no idea if there's any vehicle available in the province after the fireworks. So we looked for a place that we can celebrate new year's eve... and then came the Sofitel promo :) 
I contacted Sofitel and spoke with Anne from Reservation Department. She was so kind and offered to reserve a seat so that we will not have a hard time looking for a table. When we arrived at Treasure Island around 7pm, we were so stunned because there are a lot people waited to be seated. Then while on the line, waiting for our turn to be assisted, a receptionist gave us freshly squeezed mango juice as welcome drinks :) The staff are very friendly indeed. Then came our turn to be seated... an usherette led us to our reserved seat. No drama. Unlike the first 2 couples ahead of us that created a scene because they did not call Sofitel ahead of time to reserve their seats so they were asked to standby :) 

While waiting for the buffet table to open, we did a quick photo shoot :) There are a few interesting spots for picture taking... :) 
This is "the bar" between Treasure Island and Open Space in Spiral
My hot bun posing for me :) 
At the entrance of the hotel
Sofitel Grand Staircase
Somewhere in Spiral :) 
Souvenir Picture :) Happiness! 
Nice eh?! 
Honey, you wanna play? :)
Our table's set-up :) 

We were seated at the right side of the stage. I don't mind because I'm not used to eating with a lot of people around me. Our table's kind of far from the "crowd" which made it more intimate and romantic. 
[Clockwise] on the chef's table: lechon, beef and fish; array of food; soup table; our table number :) 

One of the waiters informed us that buffet table's open :) Yipee!! and here's what we got on the first round :) [don't ask how many rounds we had..hehe!] 
Yummy, right? :) 

We were at Sofitel Treasure Island from 7pm 'til 1am the next day. Eventhough it's tiring, party's a blast!! You really can't get wrong when Sofitel's involved :) 

Apart from the wonderful program and food, we also saw a few celebrities but can't remember their names.. sorry... :( I was not able to take picture, they just appeared on our video when we were roaming around the place and according to people who saw that video: andami namang artista :) ["there's a lot of artists / celebrities"] haha.. I'm poor at naming celebrities... :( 
Me: so full right now... can't breath... 

Since we went there without a car, we waited for a cab outside because the hotel taxi costs 420php [within the Metro only]. Whoa! 
Posing one last time before going to bed... :) 


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