Friday, December 3, 2010

Nail Files: the hand and foot spa

Last weekend, hubby and I planned to visit my mom and dad. Out of habit, we stopped at SM Rosario to buy food or any pasalubong. While wandering around the mall, I saw Nail Files and I can't take my eyes off of it. My hands and feet needed pampering for they've been neglected for like ages now.. haha.. due to busy schedule and laziness, I guess. Then my hubby, being a kunsintidor [one who pampers or spoil], dragged me inside and ask someone from their staff to assist me... :) 

Upon entering the glass door, lavender and peppermint scents welcomed us. The staff were super friendly and they even took the time to explain to me almost all of the services they offer. 

There are 2 classification of services: PAMPERING and WAXING. Of course, pampering services are the ones for the nails and body [scrub] while waxing is well, waxing :) I availed the pampering mani-pedi for just 200php. They also have a wide variety of nail polish to choose from. Sorry but I was not able to take a photo of those. :( 

Why did they call it "pampering mani-pedi"? Because before they paint your toes and nails, they will let you choose between lavander and peppermint oil... yes, there's a 5minute massage for each of your hand and foot... hay... love it! 
this one is a stolen shot, while the staff aren't looking... hehe.. and yep, those are my toes. Pardon the quality of the picture. I used my phone Samsung Omnia Pro B770, and when using the camera of this phone, you should not move until you hear the shutter "click" or else you will have this kind of result :)

I love how relaxing it was and how cute the interior of the place is. Everywhere you look, you will see green and purple. Green frames on purple wall.. green and purple pillows.. green and purple uniforms [of the staff..haha] 

Cutey :)

For the complete list of services and branches, you can check their website @
Or if you are within the Cavite area, you can visit them @ 2nd floor health and wellness section, infront of Let's Face it SM Rosario... 


  1. Duna! We should bond over a mani-pedi session one of these days! I usually go to Me and My Nails in Valero, behind RS. Magaling din sila dun. :) Sayang, kakagaling ko lang dun this Friday. Sa next na punta ko, I'll post a blog entry. :)

  2. pwede... mas malapit un sa place namin d2 makati... dumadayo pa kc ako sa Cavite pag gusto ko mag-pa-mani-pedi =p


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