Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 2010 Birthday Wish List

My birthday's fast approaching. I dunno if I'm excited because I will be a year OLDER!! :( So instead of me, thinking about my age, let me just focus on the things that I wanted for that special day... :) 

**all photos courtesy of google search

Although I have a couple of things in mind that cannot be bought by money... and if I had a fairy godmother *wink*...  here's a list of my Top 10 Wish for my beeday: 

1. a pair of jeans

2. signature bag

3. new shoes or sandals

4. Rebond or DigiPerm?! Hmm... Can't decide :( 

5. Whole Day Shopping Spree 

6. Magic Sing... I've always wanted to have one but can't squeeze it in in our budget. Need to prioritize: Wants vs Needs... tsk tsk 

7. Dine in a fancy garden restaurant with Hubby, of course.

8. Ninong & Ninang: as the saying goes your credit is good but I need CASH :) 

9. Trip to Macau 

10. My very OWN laptop or notebook will do :) Even when we already have Acer Aspire at home, sometimes, hubby spent too much time playing video games on the same time that I want to, for example, blog or check FB, etc.. 
I want the red one because it's not too girly like the pink and the purple but not masculine. Red is just right :) 

I'm not expecting these things to come true [but doesn't hurt if these will *wink*] but hey, it's free to daydream :) 

My Heart's Desire is to bear a child and to say to the whole world that we're not just a couple, we're a Family... 

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