Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After church service last Sunday, we decided to go to Megamall. The last time that we went there was... hmm... last year? haha!! :) 

It's easier to go to the mall by train so we went to MRT Magallanes station. The train's jam-packed with people and honey secured me in one corner... :) we passed 5 stations in silence.. sometimes, we just want to enjoy the moment.. to be near each other.. holding hands.. 
They say that one of the challenges long-term couple experience is boredom or being tired with the company of the partner. I strongly disagree because we are the living proof that regardless of how long you've been with your partner, there shouldn't be any dull moment or boredom.. I didn't say that we don't fight but through the years, we learn how to compromise and admit our mistakes.. Couples should also have to know the art of creating adventure and excitement out of a routine.. :) there's no formula.. you just have to know your partner's likes and dislikes then start from there... :) 

In our case, we share passion for food :) So we take every opportunity to eat together and be merry :) 

We arrived in MegaMall minutes before 12NN so we decided to look for the place to eat and went inside Mang Inasal... i know what you're thinking... if you really know us and where we live, you will wonder why choose Mang Inasal.. there's a Mang Inasal at the ground floor of where I'm working and there's another one, near our place [Metro].. can't help it.. we just love the chicken of Mang Inasal :) 
99php per serving
Krispy KangKong 18php [can't remember]
I was kind of intrigued about this sisig.. Think I saw this kind of gimik in one of the cart businesses featured in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak wherein the food is on top of the softdrink tumbler :) 
I'm a bit disappointed because of the serving... it's so konti :(
To put a smile back to my face, honey bought me this manila scramble.. :) 
Just the mere sight of this scramble, a lot of childhood memories came flashing back..  When I was in 1st grade, I used to have tantrums over me, not being able to buy scramble from Manong sa may kanto. My dad's so strict about eating street food.. but it didn't stop me from buying.. I even used my cousins as an excuse just to buy one..haha.. sorry dad :) 

And speaking of street food, here's another one, from Korea: Deli Pop. This is actually the first time that I tasted this Korean snack.. It caught my attention the moment I passed by their stall. Why?! Because the machine, which they use to make this, creates a really disturbing "POP" sound.. :) 

KPOP? that's more like it :) hey, is this the same one that Jandi sell in the streets on one of the episodes of Boys over Flower? When Jun Pyo strutted, I mean, walked towards her and kissed her passionately? Lemme know :) 

Whew... after the eating and walking, we went home.. This date really is tiring but fun.. :) One of our Chipipay dates ever :) 

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