Monday, December 20, 2010

Glam Rock Party 2010 @ World Trade Center

This had been my very first party, organized by the company, that I attended from start to finish... why? (1) I'm your usual KJ when it comes to party (2) I stayed because of the raffle =p 

Did you know that they actually gave away 1 high end Nokia cellphone, refrigerator, 32" LCD TV and 2 roundtrip tickets (equivalent to 50k cash)??!!! Sadly, I was not the lucky one who got called... :( 

But the company's gracious enough to give each of their employees 300php worth of sodexho gift certs instead of the usual ham... not bad! 

The highlight of the party for me is when our big bosses sang while banging their heads... :0 Cool!! :) And of course the trio who did the opening number... Great voices, I should say. Kudos!! :) 

But the party turned out to be a bit lame and boring... (in my opinion) There are too many production numbers and loooonnngg performance from same group of people. I'm also not used to verrrrryyy LOUD music and not a fan of rock bands that create weird and/or disturbing music... :( 

It's a good thing that we (my other officemate) arrived at the office early... We had the receiving area all to ourselves :) While waiting for the others, we did a quick photo shoot. Here's a glimpse of what had happened before the party :) 

Good night everyone :) 

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