Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Foodie Series: Tokyo Tokyo & Teriyaki Boy Day

It's been a looooonnng and tiring week for us. With all the changes and new tasks @ work... hay... Hubby and I decided to unwind... How? **just say the magic word** FOOD :) 

We got up late so we had brunch @ Tokyo Tokyo branch nearby. Since we are in a "tipid" mode, we settled on ordering sumo meal, which is good for 2. 
255php [2 pcs pork tonkatsu, veggies, rice and pork tonkatsu sauce] 

It's a good thing that they change it [sauce] back to the old one. Personally, I hate the fuji apple sauce... and I think there's a lot of us who do hate it that they decided to remove it from the menu :) 
default order of honey... onion rings for 55php

The thing that I miss about Tokyo Tokyo is the red iced tea. I still remember back in PS wherein I consumed an average of 3 large iced tea per shift.. haha!! red iced tea addict indeed :) 

After our brunch, we went to supermarket and bought our 2 weeks grocery. After few hours, we're hungry again :) hubby teased me and said that he does not want to have an anaconda for a baby. Hihi! 

We did not look far and settled on the nearest food chain in the exit part of the supermarket. Teriyaki Boy's waiting for us :) 
Clockwise: fish 'n chips 185php, yakisoba 155php, buffalo karaage solo 180php

I sooo looovvee buffalo tori karaage... :) this is the first time that we dined in TB and it somehow left a good impression... I even did a mental note and add it to my loooonnngg list of favorite restos/food chains. Our experience contradicts the previous blogs about them.. Some said that they have poor service and not-so-good food. Maybe the location and the time matters because we tried their small branch in the Metro and food were served after few minutes and it was great. 

'Til our next food trip :) 

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