Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exchange of Vows: The Fernandez-Cristobal Nuptials

04 December 2010: This is the day when 2 people exchanged vows and promised to love each... for life =p 

Locale: Makati [formerly known as Palanan]
Reception: Centennial Hall Manila Hotel

ehem... we're not the ones who got married... we already did, 3 years ago... hehehe... :)
here they are... =p

This couple is very dear to me... especially the bride. She's my sister in law, middle child of nanay and tatay. I still remember her 10 years ago, when hubby introduced me to his parents. She was a cute and chubby 15-year-old teenager who played the piano for me =p Although we haven't actually been given the chance to get closer because she's kind of shy and aloof, I still felt the connection somehow and I understood her angst [hehe]. 

But when she met her "groom", hubby and I noticed the changes in her. She now knows how to smile [a lot] and just enjoy life =p They are so generous that they treated us in MOA [Bowling] and StarCity.. **bonding bonding**
Then here are our pictures @ the church: 
The good thing about weddings are the food... us, being a food lover, loves to eat =p 

On the table: 
All meat, no bun.. hihihi... =p
fruit platter... yum yum... super like :) 
...and here are the cookies that "Max" gave us.. thanks :) 

After eating a sumptuous meal, we went out for a walk and to also bring some of the "bitbitin" inside the car. Then honey, made me stand in front of the Manila Hotel entrance and took a picture of me one last time before we go home =p 

Congratulations To Mr. and Mrs. Artis and Jaycee Fernandez. Have a blessed married life!! =p

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