Friday, November 5, 2010

Vain... Me?!

When you get older, your skin becomes dry. 

That’s the famous line of one of the beauty commercials being aired today. I’m not vain [still in denial stage] but I still want to look good... in my own simple way. So when I decided to become a MaryKay consultant months before, I had no regrets... I’m currently using MK Timewise cleanser and moisturizer. I was able to influence my hubby into using it as well. Hehe! Then once in a while, I go out on my “Me” time to have a facial.

Last week, miracle happened... When I was about to go to my scheduled facial session, hubby accompanied me J And here’s our funny pix while inside the room and facial mask still on our cute little faces... Haha!

It's meeh! :) 
My Honeybee :) 

Have a Beautiful Day Everyone!! :) 

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