Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sizzling Pepper Steak

I am a food lover. So does my husband. We're not food critics nor experts on this but we know what we want and we expect nothing less. 

As we enter Sizzling Pepper Steak place, we have high expectation because of good reviews and eye catching menu [or should I say mouthwatering menu]. STEAKS :) 

After we sat on our preferred spot, a smiling food attendant approached us and explained how STOP & MOOOVE works... [they are known for this: flip the cardboard and show the "stop" sign if you want waiter / waitress attend to your needs or "mooove" if you don't want to be disturbed]. 

They also have this cute order form wherein you, the customer, will list down [some part, you just have to put a check on the corresponding box] all your orders. 
But the cuteness ends there because it's not user friendly and I had a hard time looking from the order form to menu [to make sure that we're ordering the ones that we wanted] 
After about 20 minutes, our first order came. At the back of my head, i wonder: if the fries took them 20 minutes to prepare, what more the steaks!! hay... :(
Beef Pepper Rice 165php
I was right!! After 35 minutes, food of hubby came.. For me, it looks yummy but honey only said "ok lang". He claimed that my steaks [the ones I cooked for him before] are far better than this :( 
Tenderloin Steak 279php
I was not satisfied with the way the steak was cooked. Also, for the amount of 279php, rice is not yet included... :( I think it was overpriced. But we just have to enjoy our meal.. since we paid for it :) 
It's a good thing that we ordered mango shake... To cool and lighten up the mood... :) 
We're happy again :) 

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