Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Honey My Love So Sweet

Yesterday, after work, honey and I decided to go to Mall of Asia to buy gifts. Ber-Month really is a hectic time for us... here's a run down of activities that we look forward to: 

Nov 06 Bebe Hannah's 1st BeeDay :)
Nov. 09 Kuya's BeeDay
Dec 04 Art and JC's Wedding

Whew... and that's not all because my beeday and our decade of love will also be this december :) 

We spent about 2 hours just by looking for perfect gifts for said loved ones and have those wrapped for free :) 

Then honey placed his right arm around my waist and literally dragged me [As if I needed to be dragged...if he only said so, I'm more than willing to obliged... hehe! in the ladies' section of the department store. He then said the magic word..  What's the magic word?! "GO" Haha! I instantly understood what he meant... I have 3k to spend... Shopping!!!! WoooHooo!!! 

While we're waiting at the counter, he then told me this: The moment we stepped inside the mall, you can't get your eyes off the bags, shoes and dresses displayed on every corner of the store. Even if you don't say a thing, I know you want it... I don't have the heart to let you go home without buying even just a pair of shoes. aww.... my honey really is so sweet, noh? So I gave him a BIG Kiss and Hug right then and there :) 

To give you an idea on what I bought, check this out: 
I also got these tote bags for free: fashion week tote bag [2.5k minimum  purchase in Ladies section] and Unica Hija [1k up purchase in Unica Hija] Then the sales lady also gave me 100php gift card from gigi amore. I didn't even purchase anything from them... hehe! 

Before going home, we bought ham& bacon, hot chick and raisin bread in bread talk. We got home at around 11:30PM. :) 

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