Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Favored Grace"

The girl's name Hannah \
is pronounced HAN-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Hannah is "favored grace".

The girl's name Lauren \
, is pronounced LAWR-en. It is of Latinorigin, and the meaning of Lauren is "thebay, or laurel plant"

04 November 2009. This is a very memorable moment for Corky, one of my bestest friends in BlueChip. This is the day that she gave birth to a baby girl she later named: Hannah Lauren. 

On Memory Lane: 

The Mother: Sometime around 1st quarter of 2008, there'd been a reshuffle of teams and team members in BlueChip. I was one of the last people who knew about the changes because I was on leave when that happened. Then when I was about to go outside of the ladies room in RCBC building, someone approached me and said: "you're Donna, right?" I was about to say "yes, why?" but blurted out: baket?!" [why?!] in a snobbish way. I sooo hate myself for that and she just said, in a cheery way, "you're my new teammate". That was the first meeting with Hannah's mother. Sweet, right? hehe! So come Monday, I'm ready with the piece that I rehearsed the night before about how and why I reacted that way. Then Corky, being the nice girl, greeted me still with a smile on her face and when I was about to say something, she just chatted with me as if I did nothing wrong. I think that's one of her ways in saving my pride and I think that she understood my reaction the first day. Well, I know it's not a normal reaction when a stranger approached you... but I think she just come to realize that I am NOT normal at all and love me the way that I am. Haha! That's a start of a beautiful friendship and as you may know, the rest is history... :) 

One of the things that bonded us together is the fact that we're married with no children [well, I think she's out of the "association" now because of Hannah]. We shared secrets and the like. She wanted a baby girl who she will call Hannah while I like a baby boy who I will call Aaron. She is a kind of person that you want to talk to regarding serious and not-so-serious matter because she is frank and will never leave you. Even when there are times that we are unable to communicate that often especially when I got transferred to QA department, she's still the same person that I knew. 

As I know her more, I felt that the only thing that's missing in her life is a child. I guess I could speak on behalf of married women who don't have any children, that you're dreaming of someday, you'll bear a child that will complete the family that you started in the first place. I guess, una una lang yan... haha! 

Then Came Hannah: Feb 2009, Corky spread the news that she's 10 days delayed!! I was so happy for her. My reasons are: she's my fwend, duh?! and there will be 2 less lonely people in the world... :) 

Then to celebrate the birthday of their unica hija, Corky and Matthew threw a party for her @ The Columns awhile ago... around 3pm. Here are the pix in between bites and laughters:

Mommy Corky with Baby Hannah
"another one mommy coz I was not able to look at the camera the first time" ~Hannah
"This is my bongacious cake" ~Hannah
" gorgeous tita and tito" ~Hannah 
Souvenir ~cakes, balloon, pictures
Joey Pepperoni 
Happy Birthday Hannah!!! 

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