Monday, November 1, 2010

Date Night 1.0: Pizza Hut

As you may know, we love pizza hut and agreed on a date in the convenience of our home :) Honey set up speakers on all four corners of the bedroom and ordered pizza @ pizza hut. We're about to do some CSI Miami Marathon. And we already did some advance planning because next week, it's CSI NY Marathon. 

We're addicts when it comes to CSI series. It started back in 2007, after we got married. It is when my sister gave us DVD of the first 2 seasons of NY and MIAMI. I fell in love with Mac Taylor and Horatio Cane. 

On the side note: I think it's cute to name our son MAC or H.. hehe! :) 

Off with the show... You may think that CSI is not a good idea for a date because of the gross thingy that they do in the show and some blood spitting action but the fact of the matter is, we both love it and for me, the perfect date is when you do the things that you love... with the one that you love. Do I make any sense? :) But I think you know what I mean... 

This is the pizza that we ordered from Pizza Hut opkors :) 

Honeybee is soooo hungry... :( 

...but I should have the first bite :) 
Speaker on the right corner of the room facing tv :)

Bye for now because show is about to start *wink*

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