Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Week for the Crazy Couple

It's been a crazy week for me. Last Wednesday, I received a call from my honey saying that the lump under his left foot, which gave him too much discomfort for the past months, should be removed right away, according to the doctor. So I hurriedly go to PalMed to fetch him after the  surgery. It was an innocuous type of cyst, thank God. But still, doctor gave him 2 weeks rest. 
photo, courtesy of google search
I don't have the heart to take picture of his bandaged foot as a souvenir, just like the time when he was hospitalized last 2008. I don't want to remember those times that he's in too much pain and helpless. :( 

Then the following day, I had to stock up food for him before going to work because he can't barely move. He stopped me when I said that I'll text my manager [to skip work that day] because he said that he can manage, he's not baldado [that was his word]. 

We text a lot lately and we managed to keep in touch eventhough I have super duper busy schedule @ work. Thursday night, I felt so sick, which was caused by severe cold and dry cough [I don't know where or who I got it from].  I bought medicine from a nearby drugstore because I can't afford to get sick because I'm taking care of my sick husband [poor couple]. 

Last Friday, I was so ashamed because I'm like a sick dog, barking every 5 minutes and I am to blame for the tissue scarcity happened that day because of my cold... :( I have a nose but I can't use it... Huhu!  Come Saturday, to make things worse, fever came to the scene. At 1:30 AM, according to honey [because he's playing doctor now to me] my fever went to 38 degrees. I feel so cold and my body's trembling... :( 
photo courtesy of google search
At around 9:30 am today, fever subsided but the cough & cold are still there. Great tandem, I should say... :) too much discomfort [Super Check]. 

Honey prepared champorado and danggit [coz we don't have tuyo, sayang..tsk tsk] for breakfast. Then for our lunch, poor little "us" have no where to go but here [at the comfort of our unit], honey contacted KFC and ordered 2 double down :) 
Hay... there's always rainbow after the rain... :) heaven!!! 


  1. Awww... Wawa naman kayo. Hope you both feel better soon. Ako din, ubo't sipon. Pero pumapasok parin. Maybe you got the virus from me... Baka nagtravel papunta sayo. Hehe. Almost 2 weeks na yung virus ko eh. Eto, start na ko ng antibiotics. Ang mahal. :(

  2. i know... mahal nga talaga... pro it worked for me. pumapasok nko pro si honeybee, 1 week pa... thank u sa concern :)


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