Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Change of Heart?

When I started working in a BPO back in late 2004, I was introduced to a new environment. Most of my officemates bond by either going to yosihan or drink alcohol. I have nothing against it because I respect what they love to do but  me, personally, I don't drink and smoke. Since they wanted me to also enjoy the times that we go out together, they looked for a venue that we could all hang out comfortably. 

One morning, after a night's shift, one of my friends suggested Starbucks. This was my first Starbucks coffee experience and it was love at first sip :) 

2006 was fast approaching and they were all thrilled to claim the 2006 Starbucks Planner. I had no idea what that planner looked like and for me, it's not actually a necessity. My friends "used" me for the stickers :) and it's too late for me when I realized that I want one... :( So I had to wait... for about a year... hay... 

2007-2010. For 4 years, I've been collecting Starbucks planner and I had no regrets... 
for the 2009 planner, I chose the black one :) 
But on one fine day [2009], Honey and I went to Powerbooks to buy the limited edition of Twilight Saga books [up until now, I don't have any picture of the said books, hehe] and I came across the planner section of the bookstore. I saw Belle de Jour planner. It caught my attention because of its "girly-themed" cover. But I opted not to buy it because I'm about to claim my starbucks planner. Who needs 2 planners? :) 

2010. For some odd reason, I googled the website for belledejour and this time, I wanted to give it a try. I bought the 2011 Belle de Jour Planner and I'm so happy... :) Why?! 
Why not?! Nice eh?
There are 64 coupons from 20+ establishments... sooo looovvveeettt :) 
this really is a MUST HAVE for a backpacker like meeh  because there's a section about planning a vacation... :) 
wait, there's more... for every planner, there's an extra note book  [added space for writing just about anything] :) 

~ weekly layout features
~ Monthly Tools 
~ Special Pages: goal setting, habit tracker, menstrual tracker, health checklist, special events tracker, gift list, bills and cash flow tracker

In my humble opinion, this Belle de Jour Power Planner is the perfect planner for me because it will help me get what I want out of life... :) 

Starbucks will always be my number one coffee shop [nothing can change that] but it's also healthy to try new things... don't you think? :) 

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