Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Change of Heart?

When I started working in a BPO back in late 2004, I was introduced to a new environment. Most of my officemates bond by either going to yosihan or drink alcohol. I have nothing against it because I respect what they love to do but  me, personally, I don't drink and smoke. Since they wanted me to also enjoy the times that we go out together, they looked for a venue that we could all hang out comfortably. 

One morning, after a night's shift, one of my friends suggested Starbucks. This was my first Starbucks coffee experience and it was love at first sip :) 

2006 was fast approaching and they were all thrilled to claim the 2006 Starbucks Planner. I had no idea what that planner looked like and for me, it's not actually a necessity. My friends "used" me for the stickers :) and it's too late for me when I realized that I want one... :( So I had to wait... for about a year... hay... 

2007-2010. For 4 years, I've been collecting Starbucks planner and I had no regrets... 
for the 2009 planner, I chose the black one :) 
But on one fine day [2009], Honey and I went to Powerbooks to buy the limited edition of Twilight Saga books [up until now, I don't have any picture of the said books, hehe] and I came across the planner section of the bookstore. I saw Belle de Jour planner. It caught my attention because of its "girly-themed" cover. But I opted not to buy it because I'm about to claim my starbucks planner. Who needs 2 planners? :) 

2010. For some odd reason, I googled the website for belledejour and this time, I wanted to give it a try. I bought the 2011 Belle de Jour Planner and I'm so happy... :) Why?! 
Why not?! Nice eh?
There are 64 coupons from 20+ establishments... sooo looovvveeettt :) 
this really is a MUST HAVE for a backpacker like meeh  because there's a section about planning a vacation... :) 
wait, there's more... for every planner, there's an extra note book  [added space for writing just about anything] :) 

~ weekly layout features
~ Monthly Tools 
~ Special Pages: goal setting, habit tracker, menstrual tracker, health checklist, special events tracker, gift list, bills and cash flow tracker

In my humble opinion, this Belle de Jour Power Planner is the perfect planner for me because it will help me get what I want out of life... :) 

Starbucks will always be my number one coffee shop [nothing can change that] but it's also healthy to try new things... don't you think? :) 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Week for the Crazy Couple

It's been a crazy week for me. Last Wednesday, I received a call from my honey saying that the lump under his left foot, which gave him too much discomfort for the past months, should be removed right away, according to the doctor. So I hurriedly go to PalMed to fetch him after the  surgery. It was an innocuous type of cyst, thank God. But still, doctor gave him 2 weeks rest. 
photo, courtesy of google search
I don't have the heart to take picture of his bandaged foot as a souvenir, just like the time when he was hospitalized last 2008. I don't want to remember those times that he's in too much pain and helpless. :( 

Then the following day, I had to stock up food for him before going to work because he can't barely move. He stopped me when I said that I'll text my manager [to skip work that day] because he said that he can manage, he's not baldado [that was his word]. 

We text a lot lately and we managed to keep in touch eventhough I have super duper busy schedule @ work. Thursday night, I felt so sick, which was caused by severe cold and dry cough [I don't know where or who I got it from].  I bought medicine from a nearby drugstore because I can't afford to get sick because I'm taking care of my sick husband [poor couple]. 

Last Friday, I was so ashamed because I'm like a sick dog, barking every 5 minutes and I am to blame for the tissue scarcity happened that day because of my cold... :( I have a nose but I can't use it... Huhu!  Come Saturday, to make things worse, fever came to the scene. At 1:30 AM, according to honey [because he's playing doctor now to me] my fever went to 38 degrees. I feel so cold and my body's trembling... :( 
photo courtesy of google search
At around 9:30 am today, fever subsided but the cough & cold are still there. Great tandem, I should say... :) too much discomfort [Super Check]. 

Honey prepared champorado and danggit [coz we don't have tuyo, sayang..tsk tsk] for breakfast. Then for our lunch, poor little "us" have no where to go but here [at the comfort of our unit], honey contacted KFC and ordered 2 double down :) 
Hay... there's always rainbow after the rain... :) heaven!!! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Room with a View

Yesterday, after seeing the fight of Pacquiao and Margarito on tv, I suddenly felt sad. Not because Pacquiao won [although I'm not a boxing enthusiast, I'm proud of him and makes me feel good that he's my kababayan] but rather I am left with nothing to do. Honey has to go to work on a Sunday because our rest days changed. He's on Fri Sat off while I'm on Sun Mon off. Hay... :( Will there come a time that we'll be together, as in literally and physically together for about a week or two? 

While waiting for him to come home, I sat [on a chair, opkors] at our veranda with Yshi. EMO mode on :) Then I realized something... we have a great view: 
Above photo was taken on 22nd floor veranda, from where we're residing. Although it's nothing spectacular as compared to the view in other places that we've been to in the past 3 years but it relaxes me... except for the noise that those vehicles create :) Sometimes, sound wave bounces and it seems like those buses are just passing in front of me... :) 

Well, I stopped this kadramahan when honey arrived with a pasalubong... :) 
Crab Relleno

Sweet!! :) 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why is 9 afraid of 7?

While searching for the number to order pizza in yellow cab online for our date night 2.0,  I noticed on the yellow cab homepage this: Why is 9 afraid of 7? Because... I got intrigued :) and since the representative doesn't pick up the phone [I think because of the queue] I had no choice but to think of something else that could let my mind off the long wait... When honey checked up on my success in dialing the number and getting a representative, he is somehow confused... because he found me laughing out loud.... :) Why? Because... 
7-8- 99999
translation: seven ate nine
Hihihihihi!!! I'm so mababaw but heck, I had a good laugh :) hope you do, too! :) 

Date Night 2.0: Yellow Cab

As promised and agreed on last week, we pushed through with the follow up date yesterday. With the success of our date night 1.0, we were so psyched and had a CSI NY Marathon. This will not be complete without our take-out. This time, we ordered pizza and pasta @ yellow cab. :)  
New York's Finest 10" 355php
Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta 215php
For just a little over 500php, I was able to enjoy the company of my honeybee in the comfort of our home in the city :) With our ever reliable mini theater... Haha! :) 
Burping... Oops... La na... :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Favored Grace"

The girl's name Hannah \
is pronounced HAN-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Hannah is "favored grace".

The girl's name Lauren \
, is pronounced LAWR-en. It is of Latinorigin, and the meaning of Lauren is "thebay, or laurel plant"

04 November 2009. This is a very memorable moment for Corky, one of my bestest friends in BlueChip. This is the day that she gave birth to a baby girl she later named: Hannah Lauren. 

On Memory Lane: 

The Mother: Sometime around 1st quarter of 2008, there'd been a reshuffle of teams and team members in BlueChip. I was one of the last people who knew about the changes because I was on leave when that happened. Then when I was about to go outside of the ladies room in RCBC building, someone approached me and said: "you're Donna, right?" I was about to say "yes, why?" but blurted out: baket?!" [why?!] in a snobbish way. I sooo hate myself for that and she just said, in a cheery way, "you're my new teammate". That was the first meeting with Hannah's mother. Sweet, right? hehe! So come Monday, I'm ready with the piece that I rehearsed the night before about how and why I reacted that way. Then Corky, being the nice girl, greeted me still with a smile on her face and when I was about to say something, she just chatted with me as if I did nothing wrong. I think that's one of her ways in saving my pride and I think that she understood my reaction the first day. Well, I know it's not a normal reaction when a stranger approached you... but I think she just come to realize that I am NOT normal at all and love me the way that I am. Haha! That's a start of a beautiful friendship and as you may know, the rest is history... :) 

One of the things that bonded us together is the fact that we're married with no children [well, I think she's out of the "association" now because of Hannah]. We shared secrets and the like. She wanted a baby girl who she will call Hannah while I like a baby boy who I will call Aaron. She is a kind of person that you want to talk to regarding serious and not-so-serious matter because she is frank and will never leave you. Even when there are times that we are unable to communicate that often especially when I got transferred to QA department, she's still the same person that I knew. 

As I know her more, I felt that the only thing that's missing in her life is a child. I guess I could speak on behalf of married women who don't have any children, that you're dreaming of someday, you'll bear a child that will complete the family that you started in the first place. I guess, una una lang yan... haha! 

Then Came Hannah: Feb 2009, Corky spread the news that she's 10 days delayed!! I was so happy for her. My reasons are: she's my fwend, duh?! and there will be 2 less lonely people in the world... :) 

Then to celebrate the birthday of their unica hija, Corky and Matthew threw a party for her @ The Columns awhile ago... around 3pm. Here are the pix in between bites and laughters:

Mommy Corky with Baby Hannah
"another one mommy coz I was not able to look at the camera the first time" ~Hannah
"This is my bongacious cake" ~Hannah
" gorgeous tita and tito" ~Hannah 
Souvenir ~cakes, balloon, pictures
Joey Pepperoni 
Happy Birthday Hannah!!! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Vain... Me?!

When you get older, your skin becomes dry. 

That’s the famous line of one of the beauty commercials being aired today. I’m not vain [still in denial stage] but I still want to look good... in my own simple way. So when I decided to become a MaryKay consultant months before, I had no regrets... I’m currently using MK Timewise cleanser and moisturizer. I was able to influence my hubby into using it as well. Hehe! Then once in a while, I go out on my “Me” time to have a facial.

Last week, miracle happened... When I was about to go to my scheduled facial session, hubby accompanied me J And here’s our funny pix while inside the room and facial mask still on our cute little faces... Haha!

It's meeh! :) 
My Honeybee :) 

Have a Beautiful Day Everyone!! :) 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sizzling Pepper Steak

I am a food lover. So does my husband. We're not food critics nor experts on this but we know what we want and we expect nothing less. 

As we enter Sizzling Pepper Steak place, we have high expectation because of good reviews and eye catching menu [or should I say mouthwatering menu]. STEAKS :) 

After we sat on our preferred spot, a smiling food attendant approached us and explained how STOP & MOOOVE works... [they are known for this: flip the cardboard and show the "stop" sign if you want waiter / waitress attend to your needs or "mooove" if you don't want to be disturbed]. 

They also have this cute order form wherein you, the customer, will list down [some part, you just have to put a check on the corresponding box] all your orders. 
But the cuteness ends there because it's not user friendly and I had a hard time looking from the order form to menu [to make sure that we're ordering the ones that we wanted] 
After about 20 minutes, our first order came. At the back of my head, i wonder: if the fries took them 20 minutes to prepare, what more the steaks!! hay... :(
Beef Pepper Rice 165php
I was right!! After 35 minutes, food of hubby came.. For me, it looks yummy but honey only said "ok lang". He claimed that my steaks [the ones I cooked for him before] are far better than this :( 
Tenderloin Steak 279php
I was not satisfied with the way the steak was cooked. Also, for the amount of 279php, rice is not yet included... :( I think it was overpriced. But we just have to enjoy our meal.. since we paid for it :) 
It's a good thing that we ordered mango shake... To cool and lighten up the mood... :) 
We're happy again :) 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Honey My Love So Sweet

Yesterday, after work, honey and I decided to go to Mall of Asia to buy gifts. Ber-Month really is a hectic time for us... here's a run down of activities that we look forward to: 

Nov 06 Bebe Hannah's 1st BeeDay :)
Nov. 09 Kuya's BeeDay
Dec 04 Art and JC's Wedding

Whew... and that's not all because my beeday and our decade of love will also be this december :) 

We spent about 2 hours just by looking for perfect gifts for said loved ones and have those wrapped for free :) 

Then honey placed his right arm around my waist and literally dragged me [As if I needed to be dragged...if he only said so, I'm more than willing to obliged... hehe! in the ladies' section of the department store. He then said the magic word..  What's the magic word?! "GO" Haha! I instantly understood what he meant... I have 3k to spend... Shopping!!!! WoooHooo!!! 

While we're waiting at the counter, he then told me this: The moment we stepped inside the mall, you can't get your eyes off the bags, shoes and dresses displayed on every corner of the store. Even if you don't say a thing, I know you want it... I don't have the heart to let you go home without buying even just a pair of shoes. aww.... my honey really is so sweet, noh? So I gave him a BIG Kiss and Hug right then and there :) 

To give you an idea on what I bought, check this out: 
I also got these tote bags for free: fashion week tote bag [2.5k minimum  purchase in Ladies section] and Unica Hija [1k up purchase in Unica Hija] Then the sales lady also gave me 100php gift card from gigi amore. I didn't even purchase anything from them... hehe! 

Before going home, we bought ham& bacon, hot chick and raisin bread in bread talk. We got home at around 11:30PM. :) 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Date Night 1.0: Pizza Hut

As you may know, we love pizza hut and agreed on a date in the convenience of our home :) Honey set up speakers on all four corners of the bedroom and ordered pizza @ pizza hut. We're about to do some CSI Miami Marathon. And we already did some advance planning because next week, it's CSI NY Marathon. 

We're addicts when it comes to CSI series. It started back in 2007, after we got married. It is when my sister gave us DVD of the first 2 seasons of NY and MIAMI. I fell in love with Mac Taylor and Horatio Cane. 

On the side note: I think it's cute to name our son MAC or H.. hehe! :) 

Off with the show... You may think that CSI is not a good idea for a date because of the gross thingy that they do in the show and some blood spitting action but the fact of the matter is, we both love it and for me, the perfect date is when you do the things that you love... with the one that you love. Do I make any sense? :) But I think you know what I mean... 

This is the pizza that we ordered from Pizza Hut opkors :) 

Honeybee is soooo hungry... :( 

...but I should have the first bite :) 
Speaker on the right corner of the room facing tv :)

Bye for now because show is about to start *wink*

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