Friday, October 8, 2010

WoW Phils Series: Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

When my honey's colleagues asked him if we want to join them in their Ilocos Norte weekend escapade... we couldn't help but say YES!!! we're just HUMAN :) 

here's what happened in between trips and laughters :) 

First Stop: Baluarte

This is owned and maintained by Mr. Chavit Singson himself. Entrance and rides are definitely free! :) Although you have to keep in mind that littering and unruly behavior are NO~NO! 
ayun oh...
Meet Mr. Singson's Pet Tiger... Grrrr
...and Ms Peacock
Kalesa Ride

After Baluarte, we went to Vigan. It didn't meet my expectation, it's like a less populated version of Binondo by day but according to the locals, it's better if we go there at night... you will be transported to a different era. I knew it, I should have insisted on going there at night time... :( regrets... regrets... regrets... 
**above photo courtesy of worldwalkerdestinations
Have to accept the fact that we screwed up... Learn from it and move on... :) 
After Vigan, we went to former Pres. Marcos' ancestral house. NO CAMERAS ALLOWED :( 

This will be our home for the next few days... Free Lodging :) 

The group was divided into 2, honey and me together with Ma'am Irene and family stayed in their friend's house while the boys stayed in Bossing's place, near Pagudpud beach. Due to unclear conversation the night before, we went to separate routes. And here's the funny story....
They say that it is so refreshing to swim in Kaangrian Falls... It is said to be one of the most visited spot in Ilocos and is easy to reach.. But after a long, tiring and exhausting walking, climbing, crossing of rivers (there's actually 2 of those that we crossed) and literally breathtaking trekking, we did not even get to see it :( we're lost and we admitted it to ourselves that we decided to head back to where we started... [4hours to and from wherever we were then...whew] 
*sooo wasted*

Our way now to Pagudpud Beach to meet the others
I love to take pictures of my own footprints... I am also a collector of sand... 
Shhh... our little secret :) 
my honey :)
senti mode ulit 
Then after the grilling and eating, we then went back home to... to... I can't remember :( 
But before we say hello to Mr Bed and good 'ol pillows, let's take a dip in this cold.. spring.. hehe!! 
I dunno the name of this place :( 
The next day: to avoid the incident the day before, we were all gathered in one place before going to our first stop: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
When we arrived, the caretaker said that the lighthouse will open at 10am. We were there at 7:30am... goodluck! :) Now, I'm starting to wonder, who amongst us has balat, HMM?! :/

 the other side of the lighthouse
You can do it hon... :) 
Since we can't kill the time this way, we just accepted another fact that this is the closest one we can get out of that lighthouse and we don't have all the time in the world... we'll be here in Ilocos for a couple of days only and I don't want to waste even a single minute more... Now we're off to WINDMILL BANGUI :) 
me and my honeybee
wind mill o! wind mill o! 
Then our last stop for today is...
Pagudpud Arc

The next morning, we headed to Arinaya Resort to say hello to the kolokoys once again :) 

me waiting for the food... sooo hungry :( 
finally :) 
Group Picture :) 
Picture Picture ulit 
Then twimming one more time :) then we hit the road after lunch. We were snoring while sleeping in the comfort of our bed 12hrs later :)

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