Saturday, October 16, 2010

WoW Phils Series: Boracay

Boracay. They say that you haven't really been to paradise if you haven't set foot in Boracay. So for our wedding anniversary, honey surprised me with ticket for two to one of the best beaches in the Philippines.
After arriving at Kalibo airport, we were given free transport from Kalibo to Caticlan airport. Then we rode banca from Caticlan port to White beach…
Day 1:

We were so excited that we actually did all of the exploring on the first day... Hahaha!

1st Stop: Helmet Diving

2nd Stop: Mt. Luho
**Mt. Luho's owned by family of Brother Boy. We were given free entrance to check the highest peak of Boracay Island =p

3rd Stop: Free Buffet - Astoria Club
**While looking for something to eat, someone approached us, asking if we could drop by their place and there will be free buffet. We will give them at least an hour of our time in return…
What a blessing… free dinner! YAHOO!

Day 2:

We woke up at 7am because today will be

** Snorkeling @ Crocodile Island
** Lunch @ Pamilican Island

FYI: we stopped the tour because of a bad weather... Huhuhu =(

...because of the limitations due to weather condition, we cuddle up all afternoon @ our new place...
Free Room Accommodation in Villa de Oro courtesy of Island Nook. =)
Take Note: beach front. Happiness!

Oops... ...the night is still young so we decided to have a walk. We came across this dinner-by-the-bay themed eatery.
Bonus: tonight is their acoustic night!!

Day 3:

Since this is our last day in Boracay, (i know it's a short vacation) we decided to walk by the shore early in the morning and talk about nonsense things... =)
We eventually reached station 1 shore by accident... Hihihi!

After a long, tiring but fun walk, we then stopped @ Le Soleil to eat a sumptuous meal... 

We took advantage of the good weather that day that we decided to take a swim one last time...

With us is our ever reliable under water olympus camera.... Hehehe =)
                                         PICTURE PICTURE HONEY!!!!!  

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