Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WoW Phils Series: Batangas

Having been married to my long term boyfriend-turned-husband was a breeze... For me, it seemed like we were destined to fall in love... :) So , 3 months after the wedding, our ninangs organized an out-of-town gimmick to Anilao Batangas. This was our first trip as husband and wife... Ninang J invited my mother in law and since I'm already part of their family, sabit ako!!

here's our arrival picture:

In case you're wondering, I'm the one with the orange shirt, carried by my hubby because I'm vertically challenged.

FYI: Unintentionally, the trip falls on my birthday :) yipee!!! instant vacation, tada!!

According to Ninang, the resort's name is Casapao Resort. I googled it and found out that they did some renovations.. although I'm unable to see any official website, i think this is the closest one we can get:


It is a good way to start my blog...starting it off by writing about our Anilao trip because this is where the "dynamic-backpacking-duo" in us emerged... :)

**Sharing you the fantastic view of Anilao Batangas: 



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