Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner @ Red Ribbon

I am so happy because starting today, honey and I have the same shift!!! To celebrate this kind of miracle, we went to Red Ribbon :) and honey also wanted to make it up to me [because yesterday, he left me... huhu! coz he needs to go to work]. 

For EastWest cardholders, you could have free spaghetti as long as you present any receipt worth 1k or 1.5k [can't remember if it's the same as Citibank] 

On the table: 

FOR ME: For just 160php, you will get single serving of spaghetti, one slice of cake and regular softdrink. If you like to upsize your drink, just add 5php *wink*

FOR HIM: he claimed the free spaghetti :) and bought one slice of chocolate cake as well. 

yum yum =)

Then to complete the meal for tonight, we looked for dessert and I found Frutti Yogurt! This yummy strawberry FRO-YO is only 75php. 

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