Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cabalen: Eat all you can..Eat all you want.

It's been a loooonngggg time since we visited an eat-all-you-can resto. So when we went to MOA, honey and I can't stop laughing when both of us didn't even surprise each other when we stood in front of a glass door of Cabalen. Yep! I've been asking my hubby numerous times on how I want to eat in this place and he eventually gave in :) 

But on one condition: NO PICTURE. I was kind of stubborn and I can't see the point of NOT TAKING ANY PICTURE. He said that I've been somewhat "hooked and obsessed" into this latest addiction of mine, blogging [or simply my personal journal online] :) Don't get me wrong, Honey's not a KJ, he only wants to enjoy the moment with me, no distractions. 

While he's busy arranging the food on his plate, I sneaked and stole a shot. Haha! And when he caught me [its obviously not too discreet because he's right in front of me], he just threw me an I-knew-it look. =p

Back to the food. Eat all you can... Eat all you want... for just 499php. 

SM Central Business Park I, Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-4874

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