Friday, October 22, 2010


10-10-10. They say that this day only come once in a hundred years... [so as 9-9-9, 8-8-8, etc]  Since we chose "10" as the date of our wedding, we exerted an extra effort to make this day memorable =p

Nowadays, hubby and I are busy trying to conceive, that we save money as much as we could. The original plan is to go back to where we spent the night of our wedding. But after considering a lot of factors, we ended up agreeing to a "Spa Day" as a reward to ourselves :) 
Facade / Body Tune SM Dasma

It was such a blessing because they are not fully booked and we even got the chance to avail of the couple's room for just 1,575php. This includes shower, sauna and massage for 2 for one hour [aroma therapy]. HEAVEN :) 

After all the pampering, now it's time to eat :) 

While wandering around the mall to find a place to eat, we just realized that we haven't actually dined in any greenwich branch... toink! you can guess where we went to eat. 

On the table: 

Lasagna *yum yum*
I was a bit disappointed with the taste, servings and presentation. Hubby and I are pizza lovers and this is the worst pizza we ever tried :( sorry to say... onion rings on top of it looked like it was fried the night before, wherein most of the coating fell off.. then chicken strips tasted as if it were fried flour [does not taste like chicken.. actually, you can't see the chicken because it's so small]   
 Four Seasons 
 Pizza fries with garlic dip
This is more decent compared to the onion rings that they placed on our pizza 

Spa + Dinner = refreshing way to spend the day

Honey's Haven Signing off... for now :) 

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