Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cabalen: Eat all you can..Eat all you want.

It's been a loooonngggg time since we visited an eat-all-you-can resto. So when we went to MOA, honey and I can't stop laughing when both of us didn't even surprise each other when we stood in front of a glass door of Cabalen. Yep! I've been asking my hubby numerous times on how I want to eat in this place and he eventually gave in :) 

But on one condition: NO PICTURE. I was kind of stubborn and I can't see the point of NOT TAKING ANY PICTURE. He said that I've been somewhat "hooked and obsessed" into this latest addiction of mine, blogging [or simply my personal journal online] :) Don't get me wrong, Honey's not a KJ, he only wants to enjoy the moment with me, no distractions. 

While he's busy arranging the food on his plate, I sneaked and stole a shot. Haha! And when he caught me [its obviously not too discreet because he's right in front of me], he just threw me an I-knew-it look. =p

Back to the food. Eat all you can... Eat all you want... for just 499php. 

SM Central Business Park I, Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-4874

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Very First Badge

As you may see in my previous blog, I'm having a dilemma. I CAN'T SLEEP!!! But to make myself useful despite the fact that I CAN'T SLEEP, I took this opportunity to make a badge for my blog. I'm not a pro but I think it's decent enough to call it a badge :) 
I know it's small. But I had a hard time adjusting the size. It was really a challenging thing to do :) but I finished it anyway... after 5 hours... haha!! as the saying goes, pag may tiyaga, may nilaga... *wink*

PS: I also added copyscape, flag counter at Proud to be Pinoy Logo =p

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yshi: Lambing Mode On

Yesterday, while waiting for honey, I felt so lonely because I truly miss my honeybee... while resting, Yshi approached me and yawned... hehe! My Yshi is soooo kuleeeet!! She entertained me and never left my side... :) 

Let me share you our lambingan moments: 

Dinner @ Red Ribbon

I am so happy because starting today, honey and I have the same shift!!! To celebrate this kind of miracle, we went to Red Ribbon :) and honey also wanted to make it up to me [because yesterday, he left me... huhu! coz he needs to go to work]. 

For EastWest cardholders, you could have free spaghetti as long as you present any receipt worth 1k or 1.5k [can't remember if it's the same as Citibank] 

On the table: 

FOR ME: For just 160php, you will get single serving of spaghetti, one slice of cake and regular softdrink. If you like to upsize your drink, just add 5php *wink*

FOR HIM: he claimed the free spaghetti :) and bought one slice of chocolate cake as well. 

yum yum =)

Then to complete the meal for tonight, we looked for dessert and I found Frutti Yogurt! This yummy strawberry FRO-YO is only 75php. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Grilling and Eating @ Reyes BBQ

After church worship, hubby and I went to my mom and dad's place. I felt so hungry and the merienda that we had is still not enough for me. We’ve decided to have dinner in SM City Rosario, which is 10 minute drive from my parent’s house.
Since my dad is a known KJ [hehe] only me, hubby, kei and mom went to SM and tried out Reyes BBQ.

On the table: 
Goto for Mommy [P59]
Chicken BBQ for Kei [P120]
Tuna Belly for Hubby [P160]
Grilled Pusit for Meeh [P160]
...And here are the pix in between bites  Spread the Love... Happiness!!!!!
K and Mom
Honeybee and Meeh 

Reyes Barbecue 
SM Rosario Cavite

Friday, October 22, 2010


10-10-10. They say that this day only come once in a hundred years... [so as 9-9-9, 8-8-8, etc]  Since we chose "10" as the date of our wedding, we exerted an extra effort to make this day memorable =p

Nowadays, hubby and I are busy trying to conceive, that we save money as much as we could. The original plan is to go back to where we spent the night of our wedding. But after considering a lot of factors, we ended up agreeing to a "Spa Day" as a reward to ourselves :) 
Facade / Body Tune SM Dasma

It was such a blessing because they are not fully booked and we even got the chance to avail of the couple's room for just 1,575php. This includes shower, sauna and massage for 2 for one hour [aroma therapy]. HEAVEN :) 

After all the pampering, now it's time to eat :) 

While wandering around the mall to find a place to eat, we just realized that we haven't actually dined in any greenwich branch... toink! you can guess where we went to eat. 

On the table: 

Lasagna *yum yum*
I was a bit disappointed with the taste, servings and presentation. Hubby and I are pizza lovers and this is the worst pizza we ever tried :( sorry to say... onion rings on top of it looked like it was fried the night before, wherein most of the coating fell off.. then chicken strips tasted as if it were fried flour [does not taste like chicken.. actually, you can't see the chicken because it's so small]   
 Four Seasons 
 Pizza fries with garlic dip
This is more decent compared to the onion rings that they placed on our pizza 

Spa + Dinner = refreshing way to spend the day

Honey's Haven Signing off... for now :) 

All Time Favorite: PIZZA HUT

Eversince we got our respective jobs, hubby and I used to try out different restaurants and coffee shops in town but there's only one place that we kept on visiting... Our all time favorite: PIZZA HUT!!!
On the table: 
 Garlic Shrimp and Mushroom
 Viva Italian Pizza
 Bottomless Lemonade
...and here are the pix while waiting for the food :) 
My Honeybee

Despedida Party @ Gloria Jeans and Italianni's Makati

This is just one of the many things I enjoy doing... meeting with old friends [emphasis on the word "old" hehe!]
We started the afternoon by stopping @ Gloria Jeans in Glorietta. Then after few hours... thanks Kate, Pawee and Dianne, we are complete!

We headed to Italianni's to eat our hearts' out!

On the table:

Seafood Pasta
Pizzaaahhh!!! :) 

Shake Baby Shake
Picture Picture!!! Spread the Love!! Happiness :) 

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